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I am Cara Brewer and I was born (1965) and raised in South Dakota. The vast space of the plains contributed to my feelings of loneliness and isolation brought on by depression, a subject that was not discussed during my formidable years. The silence of such matters only added to the self doubt and lack of self esteem. I managed to traverse through life in spite of the self deprecating voices monopolizing the majority of my mind’s space.

Now, having learned coping skills, my mind’s space is visited by a more positive voice. That’s not to say that the negative one is no longer present; but the positive is able to combat the negative more often than not. I want those with similar experiences to know they are not alone. Knowing that has always been a comfort to me.


I hold a great appreciation for the South Dakota landscape and find much comfort in its beauty and silence. I like to combine my landscape and editorial photography with poetry to express feelings that run the gamut. I want to share the journey of finding the heart’s authentic voice, and letting go of the voice that constantly tells us what we “should” do to please others. I want to help others see that we can get out of our heads’ negative spaces; that there are many ways to do so. We can write it all down and share it with others; we can help others and the environment in the smallest of ways; engage in activism or volunteering; we can read the words of others who are wise and knowing; we can laugh with our favorite comedians; etc, etc. There is hope!

Recall the past when it’s helpful

“The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”Stephen Hawking. For everything there is a season, a time to photograph and a time to return and photograph it again. If you're like me, then you shoot with feeling. You are...

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Fall Poem

Fall represents comfort and balance for some for others it’s a reminder of bitter colds to come but no one can deny the happiness one feels when gazing upon its true colors revealed.

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