Portrait photography services available for Senior portraits, kids, family and maternity. My most popular service, senior portraits, reflect the pinnacle of all the finest things your senior has become: a top athlete, student president, cheerleader, and so on. They should also reflect their current interests, such as art, music, horses, volunteering, technology, etc.

Child Photoshoot + Custom Photo Book & Poem Package

What better way to capture memories of your child or children, than through a custom photo book! In this package, I will do a photoshoot of your kids, get information on their interests and passion, then create a photo/poem book specifically for your family! Book a complimentary consultation to get started.

Pet Portraits

A picture of your cat / fur baby may be an excellent way to demonstrate how much of a member of your family your pet truly is. The most fundamental goal of pet photography is to portray the character and personality of your closest buddy, which is generally done in their favourite setting.

Cara Brewer Photography

My Approach

I am anything but formal in my approach to photography. If I’m doing senior photos, I like to know what that young adult’s hobbies & interests are. I like going out and scouting for perfect locations for that young adult and incorporating their interests and personalities. It also helps when they already know where they want to be photographed! Same goes for families. I don’t have a studio, because I find that shooting in natural settings is so much more relaxing. If weather is an issue, then I will make changes accordingly. If children get restless, let them run. I will follow and get candid shots until they are ready to sit again. 

If a client has an idea, I will listen. I am open to ideas and discussion of those ideas. If I don’t think it will work, I will state why and try to show an example – that’s actually possible now with digital cameras. I like making clients happy. If I don’t think I can give a client what they are looking for, I will refer someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What photography services do you provide?

Senior school photos, maternity, family, newborn and pets

Can you get my portrait photos printed on a canvas?

Yes, portrait canvas prints are available at an additional cost.

How far in advance do I have to book a photoshoot session?

2-4 weeks, but sometimes less, depending on the time of year. For example, fall season is usually busy with senior photos.

What camera equipment do you use?

Nikon D750 DSLR

Does your photography service come with editing or is that separate?

Price includes facial blemish editing. Anything more will be charged by the hour. Come with clean ironed clothes please. I also understand that “stuff” happens. My decision to charge or not charge for additional edits is situational. I’m a pretty reasonable gal.

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