The Blessing Tree Collection

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The Blessing Tree Collection - Stick Figures

I was on my way back to Denver from Wyoming. As I passed through Fort Collins, CO (on I-25) something captured my attention through my peripheral vision. It seemed like something surreal. So of course I had to take the next exit and circle back around just to satisfy my curiosity. What I thought was a B-52 landing off in the distance was actually a blue heron landing in a tree just a few yards off the interstate. So I got my camera gear and hiked to the tree; and there I stayed for five hours that day. I returned four more times over the course of about three and a half months (late April to early July). Each time was magical. Trees that are just yards away from such a busy interstate are providing life for these majestic birds and many other animals as well (including us humans!). It has never been more important to me to become ever so mindful of each step I take, each plastic bottle I buy and throw away, every drop of water I waste, and every gallon of gas my car consumes. Nature is our link to life. Nature is our blessing. I am blessed to have been able to witness these blue heron babies grow into independence.