The War & Peace Collection

Roots & Wings


Size: 30×24

War & Peace Collection – Roots & Wings

(double alumaprint stack with custom texture)

This piece is very personal. It is meant to provoke one to question his/her hardened black/white views on this country’s immigration policy. We are all born by roots and make a home by roots. However, we are also meant to spread our wings and fly, sharing our magic and unique gifts with the world. This brilliant little girl in Mexico is surrounded by hummingbirds; birds that are free to migrate from country to country and from this world to other worlds not seen; birds that carry loving messages back and forth between her and her father living here in this country, working and paying taxes. Love finds a way and so I still have hope. (However, in retrospect, that hope feels frail; for even hummingbirds are disappearing due to human’s inability to change their behaviors)