The War & Peace Collection

Prairie Shepherds


Size: 38×38

War & Peace Collection – Prairie Shepherds

(double plexiprint stack)

Another of my prairie self portraits, these photos were in fact taken in South Dakota and northern Nebraska. The night sky was taken while sitting in a corn field outside of Watertown, SD. The hay bails were in the Badlands area near Wall Drug. And the cattle on their own little hillside were in northern Nebraska. Butterflies and milkweed were found near my nephew’s beautiful S.D. countryside home near the creek, while prairie poppies, dragonflies and verbena presented themselves in Nebraska.
I have always considered dragonflies a remnant of “mythical “ dragons. They capture my heart and imagination. I see them as angels – only appearing when one really needs to see them. Otherwise they are watching over and monitoring the health of the environment, reporting back to higher power.