The War & Peace Collection

Mother Of Mt Blue Sky


Size: 28×35

War & Peace Collection – Mother On Mt. Blue Sky

(double plexiprint stack)

This day on Mount Blue Sky (what used to be called Mount Evans) was magical. It felt like all these animals and plants made themselves seen just for me. The mama mountain goat stared intently into my eyes as if to say back off – as her baby was right behind her. The big males sauntered by only ten to twenty feet away. And only a few moments later, the big guys were all the way up the side of the mountain. Wow. How amazing to see animals in their environment using the skills that only they have to navigate it so effortlessly! Before reaching the top to see the goats, the mountainsides provided the most amazingly beautiful flora, chipmunks, birds and bees. It is in all our interests to abide by conservation laws and efforts to keep places like this pristine and peaceful.