The War & Peace Collection

March Of The Sandhills Dawn


Size: 28×40

War & Peace Collection – March Of The Sandhills Dawn

(double plexiprint stack)

This piece is comprised of photos taken on my first trip spending the night in a photo blind in 15 degree weather (burr). I was not quite as prepared as I should have been. I was certain my husband would provide the extra heat necessary – not – lesson learned. But it was meant to be, because as my husband snored and slept the night away, my shivering kept me awake through the night to listen to the tens of thousands of birds. It was extraordinarily moving. Once the sun started to rise, I could see the breathtaking pastel hues associated with cold, snowy mornings as they reflected off the Platte River. I hope to experience this or something similar again, or even many more times in my lifetime. This outing was made possible due to great organizations like the National Audubon Society and their sanctuaries. This location was at Rowe Sanctuary in Nebraska. While I didn’t get the up close and personal shots of the Sandhills Cranes that I had in mind, I did receive what I was given and consider it all a blessing.