The War & Peace Collection

Loo Lynching – Hand Steady Harp Ready


Size: 35×38

War & Peace Collection – Loo Lynching

(plexiprint on alumaprint stack)

This piece speaks volumes to me about humans, their hatred/ignorance/fear and how it extends into the world of animals and nature. The hate speech you see was written on the inside walls of a porta potty; a porta potty that my husband had to use while taking breaks from his work. My husband is from Mexico. He is a calm and patient man who sees everything in this country as a wondrous blessing. He is constantly pointing out things that are amazing to him, while I marvel at just how much we Americans take for granted. I’m pretty sure it’s known that humans who treat other humans with hate, have no regard for animals and/or nature; which is why black animals suffer more than others. My black cat is the sweetest, most sensitive little sentient being I’ve yet encountered. If I could replace every hater with a black cat, I’d be in heaven. Until then, the Edgar Allen Poe line from his poetry sums up what I’ll be doing – with a concerted effort to downplay the “fearing”.