The War & Peace Collection

In The Weeds


Size: 25×45

War & Peace Collection – In The Weeds

(double alumaprint stack)

This piece is all about my fear for the environment. The title was taken from a bible story about the weeds and the wheat. When I feel hopeless, I feel like the weeds and I curl up in a corner, feel bad about myself and let depression take over. My goal is to become the wheat, climb those stairs and stare the problems straight in the face – no matter how intimidating – and do my part. Do the right thing. At least as much as I’m able. Then give the rest to God and pray that the other humans of the world do their part as well. I believe that collectively, we are able to turn things around. My problem is getting mired down in the fact that even I contribute to the problem sometimes. But I’m doing my best to downsize; letting go of material things; seeing Mother Nature in anything and everything that surrounds me.