The War & Peace Collection

Hide And Seek


Size: 34×27

War & Peace Collection – Hide & Seek

(alumaprint stack with custom texture)

These images were captured in the foothills of the Big Horns near Dayton, Wyoming in January. The deer herd peacefully resting and grazing at the bottom of the hill while the snow is falling. Eagles, hidden by branches within the tall trees, taking turns searching for food and taking advantage of the deer carcass nearby (cause of death unknown), along with hawks and ravens. On these extremely cold days, it feels like a lot of hardiness is required to survive here. Perhaps that’s why it’s the least populated state. Its low number of humans might be why there is so much beautiful wildlife to witness. Although this piece is meant to depict the cold and frail feelings I have when I’m here, it is also an homage to the great number of wildlife that have the strength to survive and thrive here. Just to be near them is a good enough reason to live here in this beautiful state.