The War & Peace Collection

Eagle View Fall


Size: 35×42

War & Peace Collection – Eagle View Fall

(Top&backside double Plexi print stack)

I have very mixed emotions where the railroad is concerned. It was built by people who were enslaved and cruelly mistreated. It facilitated the genocide of this country’s native people. The railroad was put in beautiful pristine countryside, and no doubt killed much of the wildlife (or even people) in its way.
Yet so many in this country tend to romanticize it. Reports do indicate that it is one of the cleanest forms of transportation. However, most of the trains I see are transporting coal; and as we all know, coal-powered energy is contributing greatly to the destruction of our planet. I used to write poems about the trains I hear in the middle of the night; wanting them to take me away to faraway lands where people are scarce. Now I just imagine myself suffocating from all the coal dust (lol). Hopefully one day the railroad will be used only for good and just causes, especially where our environment is concerned. The eagle has become our nation’s representative bird, keeping track of all human errors and triumphs. This piece represents my dream that one day the masters of the sky will not be disappointed in us.