The War & Peace Collection

Dia De Tia Lupe


Size: 33×36

War & Peace Collection – Dia De Tia Lupe

(alumaprint stack with altar shelf for candles and flowers)

This piece was inspired by my adopted Tia Lupe from Mexico. After her recent passing, I pulled out the photos I took of her casita while fortunate enough to stay with her in her little pueblo ranching community. It was like a little piece of the world that time forgot. I’ll never forget her and I intend to use this piece every Dia de los Muertos in November to celebrate her and my other loved ones who have passed from this world. I attached a small metal shelf to the bottom portion of the piece so I can put candles, flowers and photos to emulate a real altar used for this traditional celebration. I digitally created the floral/leaves/stones/birds on the borders based on Mexican folk art.