The War & Peace Collection

Cat Crusade – Art Vs Infrastructure


Size: 32×44

War & Peace Collection – Cat Crusade

The images for this collection are based on a perception of life, good and bad, especially as it pertains to Mother Nature. I can either choose to be at War with myself and the world around me,  or I can choose to be at Peace. But I feel it all starts with how we treat Mother Nature. My hope is that I, or anyone else, never choose to be indifferent.  My spirit feels so many magnificent things when spending time in the great outdoors, that I can’t choose just one photograph to express it. So I make collages of a place and try to portray how special it was to me while I was there. The same is true for places that make me feel particularly concerned for our futures. While I can’t control others and their relationships with our Earth, I can share my experiences and hope that others will join in trying to do their part to save the wild and its habitats. I just want the places where these images were taken to be there for generations to come.