The War & Peace Collection

Beauty & The Nimrod


Size: 33×40

War & Peace Collection – Beauty & The Nimrod

(alumaprint stack with custom texture)

All images were shot in Colorado. The beautiful whitetail was at Barr Lake; the creeping thistle and aspen were taken near Lyons and the milkweed pod was at Rocky Mountain Arsenal. The intention for this piece grew out of a frustration I’ve always had with some people who view animals as only something to be conquered; as well as people who can’t be trusted. It probably stems from my time as a young girl trying desperately to fit in with my much older brothers and dad; so I would go out on bird hunts with them and be their bird dog. Then on the way home, I’d sit in back of the truck with the dead pheasant, crying and petting them while begging them for forgiveness. So even still, when I’m looking in the eyes of a beautiful animal and feeling so lucky to be alive, out of nowhere comes a fear that someone is hiding behind a tree waiting to kill the beautiful thing. Ironically, it is usually “out of nowhere” that an untrustworthy person or abusive partner will sucker punch you.

(And yes, by the way, I would indeed eat the pheasant after mom prepared them in the most delicious way that only she knew how. But that’s for another story and photo collage.)