The War & Peace Collection

Aviator Furlough


Size: 31×39

War & Peace Collection – Aviator Furlough

(top&backside plexi prints)

These images were all taken at Monument Lake in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in late September.

Although the time at Monument Lake was quite cold, rainy and very much fall, the colors were something I’ll never forget. I felt like I was in a Walt Disney movie: with birds singing; chipmunks scampering in and out of beautiful floral surprises topped with bee and butterfly visitors; bright yellow, red and orange trees and vegetation. That is why I chose to make this piece so colorful. It was a magical colorful place. I used deliberate camera movement on the shot of the trees with the intention of using it as a backdrop. The following day was met with really heavy fog and a completely different feeling altogether, making me even more grateful for the day prior. I have not yet created a piece for the shots I took on that foggy day. But I will.