The War & Peace Collection

Altar Of The Fallen Soldier


Size: 44×36

War & Peace Collection – Altar of the Fallen Soldier

(double alumaprint stack)

These images were taken at the foot of the Spanish Peak Mountains in or near Huerfano County, Colorado. The animal hanging had hooves indicative of an antelope (but that has not been confirmed) and several raven were in the area taking advantage of the free meal. The golden iridescent floral ground cover was found interspersed throughout the area. The intention for this piece was to create a memorial for this animal, due to the heavy feelings I had at the time I was shooting this animal’s photo. It did give me some consolation to see that the raven were benefiting from its unnatural death, thus the circle of life right before my eyes. But I can’t help but feel a lingering sadness for an all too common occurrence where wildlife encounter humans. I’m sad for Mother Nature as well as human indifference. But instead of focusing on the sadness, I’d rather celebrate the passing of magnificent from this world.  And so I did/do in Dia De Los Muertos fashion.