The War & Peace Collection

High On The Fog – a March Against Time


Size: 37×27

War & Peace Collection – High on the Fog

(plexiprint on alumaprint stack)

Once again we visit the extremely cold month of January in the Big Horns of Wyoming. The thick, dense fog added an eery and magical feel to the surroundings. Snow and fog crystalized onto the branches, creating a winter wonderland. The tree formations looked like magical wizards marching and leading the others through the fog. I trudged through the snow to get out to the cliff where I could get a closer look at the most high wizard. The sun was almost down, there was no wind, and all I could hear was the snow crystals hitting the ground all around me. It was peace on steroids. Or maybe quaaludes? Anyway, as wonderful as it was, my sympathetic nervous system soon kicked in. By that I mean I soon realized that I was in the middle of nowhere and alone: a slow, no longer young, more fat on my bones, and probably looking like the perfect meal to some mountain lion or bear. So I sang and whistled my way out of the fairytale and back to my car. I guess I’ll need some pepper spray if I want to prolong my time in these magical places!