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I was born and raised in South Dakota, a land of vast space and lonely beauty. My Great Plains upbringing influences the way I look through the viewfinder. My hope is to connect with those who might like to experience the openness that welcomed me into the world, through images that moved me enough to point and shoot.

I have self published three books of my images and poetry. “Point and Shoot Poetry” and “Searching for Authenticity” and “Upon a Woman” can all be found on Amazon in soft cover and E-book versions.


How it all started

My Story

It was my first time away from home, being yelled at by drill instructors and feeling very lonely and insecure. I didn’t even own a car yet, so I had no means of escape. On the day we were scheduled for military headshots, the photographer struck up a conversation with me. That photographer made me feel calm, at ease and normal again. Having associated the photographer’s camera with those positive feelings, I saved my military pay and put a camera on layaway at the commissary – my first major purchase in my life as an adult. My first time using the camera came as I was taking a military hop on a KC-135 (I think). The captain announced they would be refueling a couple F-4’s. When I saw the NCO crawl into the glass bubble to perform the refueling maneuver, I asked if I could photograph the fighters, and much to my surprise, he said Yes! As I laid next to the glass bubble on the floor of the tanker and looked down to see the flying boom, the F-4 and the ocean below, I was in awe.

If I hadn’t had my camera, I never would have asked to lay by the refueler to witness the event. From then on, my camera became my courage; courage to overcome my social anxiety and courage to have a voice.
Now I enjoy translating that moment of finding courage onto other young adults (seniors) who are about to leave home for the first time. Getting information about each individual then searching for the location that matches their uniqueness is part of the process I really enjoy. Sometimes they already know where they want their shoot to be, and that’s great! But if they don’t, rest assured that I’ll put in the effort to find one for them.
Cara Brewer


My Services

I am anything but formal in my approach to photography. If I’m doing senior photos, I like to know what that young adult’s interests are. I like going out and scouting for perfect locations for that young adult and incorporating their interests and personalities. 

Same goes for families. I don’t have a studio, because I find that shooting in natural settings is so much more relaxing. If weather is an issue, then I will make changes accordingly of course. If children get restless, let them run. I will follow and get candid shots until they are ready to sit again. 


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Sage Photography Award

Sage community arts - third place

Herons in Tree
(In Like Flynn)

photography award

gilpin county art show - 'best in show'

(In Like Flynn)

Spanish Peaks Photo Award

Spanish Peaks Merit Award

Triptych of Herons
(Pyramid Scheme)

photography award

Louisville National photography show - 1st place

(In Like Flynn)

Best of Colorado


Lincoln gallery photography award

lincoln gallery National Photography show - 2nd place

Carcass and Raven
(Silver Haunt)

Art Institute


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